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At the beginning what is forex trade? Forex is the place where different nations’ currencies are being traded. It is one of the fastest ways of earning money online at home. It is the center of buying and selling of currencies. Many people have earned thousands of dollars over night. This is the largest financial market in the world where more than 2 trillion transactions are made every day. Before people can only trade Forex in the banks, but now they can trading physically in online 24 hours a day. They can exchange currencies 24 hours on virtual trading platforms. Here you trade Currency pairs, like EUR/USD (Euros/US dollars), USD/JPY or GBP/USD. You expect if the pair you select is going up or down and you buy and sell accordingly. If your calculation is correct, you can earn an amount depending how much you invested formerly. It is very important finding right forex brokers  to trade forex. There are many trading platforms in online. You should select one that is dependable, with good indicators and offers good bonuses.
Many of us do not know how to forex trade. Getting started here is Easy. Signing up for an account is very simple. You can register for one of the training courses on the Forex web site where you can “pretend” trade in a demo atmosphere or you can participate in their workshops where you’ll have real experts teaching you the whole thing you need to know about Forex trading.

Earn By Taking Survey

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Online survey is one of the most popular and the best way to earn real money online at home. There are about thousand of companies are willing to pay you for your valuable opinion. Most free paid online survey sites will pay you $1-$10 for completing each survey. There are even times when you will get a $20 or $50 survey, but they are very rare. Get paid by doing online survey is not difficult. Be careful do not sign up to any online survey sites that entail you to deposit money. Genuine survey sites should be free to join and pay for your opinions. There have some best survey panels where you can get paid for your opinions and all are free to join. You can also join more surveys panels to maximize the earning.
A valid email address will need to join these survey panels. It is sure that the survey site which I suggest do not send spam mails. However, if you feel like about this, create a new email address.
Select which countries you are from, then choose a survey site.

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Earn by ptc

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Paid to click an advertisement (ptc) is provably the most popular and easiest ways to earn money on the internet. There you do not need any experience to work. Just need a computer need an internet connection. If you want to earn extra cash, I thing ptc is the best. There has a lot of ptc site in, but all are not real. They won’t pay you. You should select the best real ptc site. Who really pays you after showing advertise. You can also earn more money by referring others. There are some PTC site in below. All are free to join.


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E–commerce is the short name for electronic commerce. It means business transaction through internet, telephone, credit card etc. without the help of cheque or physical payment of money on the part of the buyer. The money is paid by the bank r company. It is the most modern method of transaction and id in practice in the developed countries of the world. Any information regarding the price, availability and quality of the goods is transmitted through internet and telephone. Thus E-commerce facilitates business transaction without the trouble and risk of commerce is especially convenient in import from another country and order for it through internet without being physically present there. He may even see the commodity on the screen and be sure of its quality. Thus money, labour and time are saved in transaction through the E-commerce system.

Like most other developing and least developed countries, Bangladesh considers FDI as an important resource for development. In order to attract more and more FDI, the country undertook a massive liberalization of its investment programme. It can influence our trade, commerce and industrial sector for its investment programme. It can influence our trade, commerce and industrial sector for quick development. The opportunities of investment in Bangladesh can gained in two aspects. One is the resource advantage like gas, agroproducts, including fisheries and low cost labour and the other is the development of power, telecommunication and transportation sectors. Bangladesh is not self-sufficient in energy sector. There is already growing interest among international oil companies in contracts for exploration in this field. The gas sector has by now drawn large amounts of foreign investment. It has to be assumed that FDI is increasingly becoming a significant source for financing domestic investment in
Bangladesh. But unlike in sri-lanka and some other countries in the region the FDI is focused on export oriented activities in Bangladesh. The administrative system for FDI needs to be effective in dealing with foreign investors and their needs. Economic conditions conducive to foreign investment are the key determinants but they rely more on political stability and recognized dissemination of facts.